Frequently asked questions and answers about the crmGreen platform:

Do you have any setup cost of the service?

No, the setup is free.

Do you limit the number of users?

No, you can create business users as much as you need.

Do you limit number of properties or contacts?

No, you can create all properties or contacts needed without limit.


Can I customize the instance with all my business?

Yes, you can set both enterprise data to appear in print documents to PDF as the logo itself.

crmGreen is based on vtiger CRM?

Yes, it's an adaptation that we have applied this platform given our extensive experience on it. It is based on the latest stable version of vtiger CRM 6.

You lend training services?

Yes, we have a course tailored to serve crmGreen distance through distance learning Moodle where it can be eligible through the credits of the tripartite foundation.

Where I can transact online form registration training course?